Engineering, Procurement, Construction,
Installation & Commissioning ( EPCIC )


In association with our partners, STSB has established a regional network of customers for our EPCIC and we are expanding our range of services to capitalize the growing energy market within the local and regional market.

Our EPCIC capabilities include civil works, mechanical & electrical works, comprising of planning, design, procurement, delivery, installation, testing, commissioning and after sales service of the completed project.

Generally, EPCIC comprises the following four major functions:


This portion of work requires engineering capabilities relating to the specifications of the total project including individual equipment and structures.


This portion of the work involves obtaining supply of all raw materials, products and other items needed to construct or fabricate the project. The procurement function aims to obtain supplies in a timely manner, cost effectively and complying with product, service and quality specifications.

Construction / Installation

This portion of the work relates to the construction, fabrication and installation of all products, parts and components and integrating them to an operational unit, facility or plant that meets all product, quality, safety and engineering specifications.


This is the final portion of the project work, where the completed product or project is tested and installed and if required integrated to other facilities or operations before it is finally commissioned for live operations.

Our Strengths

Knowledgeable & Experienced Personnel

Experienced personnel in STSB has long involvement with mechanical & electrical system ranging from rotating equipment to the high/ medium voltage system. We have experienced engineers, technician and charged man with deep knowledge and can deliver superior quality work with the assistance of our experienced partners.

Equipment , Tools & Machineries

STSB has a complete range of tools , equipment and machineries to be able to complete projects such as basic tools for electrical & instrumentation, pressure tester, HV Megger tester, cranes, welding set and generator set.

Global Technical Support

Throughout our more than twenty (20) years of establishment, we have establishing the support from our partners and vendors across the region. This is a big advantage for us where our team will be advised and supervised from the principal expert across the border towards solving the problems.