Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Straits Technics SB is committed to protecting the environment and supporting sustainable development by conducting our business in an environmentally responsible manner.

We aim to continuously improve our environmental performance and minimise the impact of our operation on the environment while supporting the Government's environmental and climate policies.

To accomplish this, we will comply fully with all applicable laws and regulations, manage environmental considerations into aspects of our business operation

In addition, we will:


enerate, deliver and use electricity efficiently and migrate towards low-carbon power generation by progressively replacing coal with natural gas in our fuel mix


einforce the "4R" policy to reduce, reuse, recover and recycle materials and resources and promote biodiversity and conversation


ncourage and facilitate the wider use of renewable energy and contribute to Malaysia's transformation intro a smart city through innovation


mbrace sustainable purchasing practices and adopt best practicable technologies and process to conserve natural resources


urture environmental awareness amongst our business partners while education and supporting the public on the smart and efficient use of energy.