Plant Operation & Maintenance

Plant Operation & Maintenance

Straits Technics Sdn. Bhd. (STSB) offers the best solution in the operation and maintenance in all types of installations; Refrigeration System, Water Treatment Facilities, Industrial Installations, and Electrical Distribution Plants. These Services are carried out with our alliance partner and STSB offers a wide range of services, from consulting to the provision of full operation and maintenance services.

STSB can improve process efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, energy consumption as well as dramatically extend the equipment life. Maintenance services can be performed on routine, preventive, predictive, scheduled and unscheduled actions and are aiming at preventive equipment failure or decline. All maintenance services are focused on increasing efficiency, reliability and safety.

STSB advanced management portfolio incorporates :

Comprehensive asset management

Effective management system

Best-practice operational procedures

Preventive maintenance planning

Detailed O&M report structures

Continuous improvement processes

Manpower and welding equipment

STSB encourages close working relationship or formal alliances with its clients and actively encourages the sharing of management systems, operational techniques, resources and technologies.